Drumatulya Trilogy (2 books set)


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Drumatulya Trilogy Part 1: The Raavan Key

I am Raavan, the mightiest demon king… 2019, Bareilly- A rich NRI businessman goes missing mysteriously. The Detective found a clue in his diary and named it, The Raavan Key. 3400 BCE, Golden City of Lanka- Raavan, the mighty demon King came to know of a chilling secret of his half-brother Kubera. Raged by the revelation he fiercely attacked the Drumatulya city. 1972, Thar Desert, Jaisalmer- An archaeology team was in search of the ancient city of Drumatulya, which existed during the Ramayana Era. They couldn’t believe their eyes when weird events unfolded one after another. 2018, Antwerp, Europe- The overlord of Europe’s most dreaded crime syndicate received a phone call from a mysterious man. What was the terrifying secret of Kubera that raged Raavan? What connects the missing NRI businessman to the ancient city of Drumatulya? What was the horrific mystery of Drumatulya? Read on to witness the epic story of Love and Betrayal, Gods and Demons, Deceit and Violence.


Drumatulya Trilogy Part 2: The Raavan Returns

2019, Delhi – The detective in search of the missing NRI businessman meets the old lady. She reveals the blood-curdling story of deceit, betrayal, and violence. 5135 BCE, Panchavati – Raavan, the mighty demon king, abducts Sita. 2018, Bareilly – A newly-engaged couple visits Bankhandi Nath temple on a cold winter evening. The girl dies under mysterious circumstances. 1300 AD, Jaisalmer – Alauddin Khilji, the barbaric sultan of Delhi, hatches a vicious plan to capture the Suryagarh fort. 2019, Ancient City of Drumatulya – The demonic crime lord fails in his sinister plan and finds that nothing is what it seems. Unknown to him, a master puppeteer is playing a grand game. What happens to the missing NRI businessman? What was the haunting mystery of the archaeology trip? What is the spine-chilling secret behind the mysterious death of the newly-engaged girl? Read on to witness the epic war between light and darkness, good and evil, Gods and demons.

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Pravin Agarwal