Anjuman Prakashan

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  1. The Anjuman Prakashan receives request from Author for publishing his/her work.
  2. The Anjuman Prakashan shares the publishing process & package details with the Author.
  3. Once Author chooses the publishing package, then Anjuman Prakashan shares the ‘Publisher-Author Agreement’ with the Author.
  4. Once Author accepts ‘Publisher-Author agreement’ then Anjuman Prakashans legal team completes the signing process of the same with Author.
  5. In the next step author sends the required data for book publishing then Anjuman Prakashan`s editorial start working for the pre production of the book as per the publishing standards.
  6. Once the book is ready for the printing purposes, both author and anjuman prakashan discuss the marketing and promotional strategies for the book for the welfare of the book.
  7. On a parallel note, the cover of the book is also designed and ISBN number is allotted to the book. Apart from that Anjuman Prakashan does the proofreading as per standards followed at Anjuman Prakashan.
  8. Once all the editorial tasks are completed by the editorial team of Anjuman Prakashan, an ‘Author draft’ is to be sent to the author, the author has to review the ‘Author draft’ carefully & thoroughly.
  9. Once Anjuman Prakashan receives the final corrections & suggestions (if any) from author on ‘Author draft’ then the last leg of proof-reading and finishing edits is completed at Anjuman Prakashan`s end, thereon ‘ Ready to publish draft’is sent to the author for final approval.
  10. Printing shall be done only once author approves the ‘Ready to publish draft’.
  11. Post-publishing, the author shall receive his/her ‘Complimentary Copies’.
  12. The promotions of the book to be carried out according to package.