Accident a love Story, Shartiya Ishq

Accident a love story

‘Nothing is easy in love. Thing starts getting difficult with each passing step. It is hard to get, harder to handle, hardest to forget.” Welcome to ‘Accident…a love story’ a heartbreaking tale of romance. The story starts with Armaan and Gitika. Armaan a sensible, socially aware, strictly secular guy and an atheist, represents the mentally the youth of this nation needs today for social reform of India. Gitika, the daughter of a priest, is religious, sweet, simple, and a beautiful girl habituated to do funny mistakes, dancing at midnight on India’s world cup victory. She is someone you would like to have in your real life. As it always happens, both fell in love. Yes, they fell in love! because they never came out of that ditch called love, although destiny tried a lot to do so. Just when everything was going fine something happened which should never be part of any love story. Gitika met an accident when she was returning from Shirdi Saibaba Temple. Just imagine the situation where Armaan is an atheist. The later part of the story shows the determination of Armaan for love and his combat with destiny which takes several turns as the story moves on. In the end, the book forces you to ask several questions yourself. Is it true that life becomes impossible having lost that one person to whom you owed all of your existence? Is it true that time heals all injuries including those of a broken heart? Is it true that life always finds a reason to live?

Shartiya Ishq

 Why a guy leaves his entire world behind and goes out looking for a different world? Why does a girl’s biggest dream turn into a nightmare with time? Why a guy puts aside the moral values for the sake of his dreams? Why a girl remains awaited for her entire life without any promise being made? Welcome to SHARTIYA ISHQ. It’s a story of three friends: Kabir Sinha belongs to a reputed business family but circumstances have forced him to leave his luxurious world. For him, there is nothing more important than love and relations. Destiny brought him across Vani and he fell in love with her. Vani is an intelligent girl from a small town. She aspires to become a dancing star only to prove something to someone. Her dream is the highest on her priority list. Long back she had a secret crush on Abhishek. Abhishek Gautam is a middle-class guy with tons of aspirations. Life has taught him that money is everything. He aspires to become a rich businessman. For him money is the first priority. Will Kabir get his Love? Will Vani’s and Abhishek’s dreams come true? And above all what happens to the prophecy made by an old woman in the forest? Here comes one more thrilling love story by the author of ‘Accident a love story that speaks about love, money, and dream along with some bitter truths of our society.