Rankshetram Part 1: Demise of the demon king

It is said that after the banishment of Lord Mahabali to Patallok and demise of the demon king Ravana by Lord Rama. The asuras lost their domination over humans. But it was unbearable for the demons mentor Bhairavnath. When he noticed that a capable scion of king Bali has taken over the throne as the demon king, Bhairavnath played such a machinations due to which demon king Markesh, the scion of Lord Mahabali, turned against the entire human race. Therefore, four fierce warriors – Akhand, Tejasvi, Suryam and Yugandhar – took over the responsibility to destroy him. The spirit of vengeance was present equally in both Tejasvi and Markesh. Markesh wanted to avenge his wife’s death (who was actually a human lady ) and Tejasvi’ s weapons were eager to blow off Markeshs’s head to avenge his close ones. These flames of vengeance lead to the five-day war among humans, demons and nagas.

Rankshetram: Return of the Demon Lord Durbheeksh

This is the story of Prince Surjan, who was born as a human, crowned as a Demon Lord. Looking at his innocent face no one can even guess that a day will come when he would be called as the Demon Lord ‘Durbheeksh’. But the question is that, is he really an evil minded warrior, or it’s just a rumor spreaded by other great people who defeated that eighteen your old boy by deceiving him. When Durbheeksh returned back, there was no one left whom he can kill for his revenge. Anyhow, he tried to forget all the pain and injustice he faced. But when he met Sarvdaman (the prince of Haastinapur), all his pain of past rushed in front of his eyes. His thirst of revenge rises again and he rushed to kill Sarvdaman. But soon a lady arrived in front of him and he was compelled to put down his weapon again. His thirst of revenge rises again, What will be the result of this desire of the greatest warrior of this era?

About the Author

Right from childhood days, Utkarsh Srivastava was fond of drawing sketches of mythological heroes of Ramayana as well as Mahabharata. After he had gone through the in-depth meaning of these epics, he started writing from his school days, and within a year, he wrote two novels in his diaries and titled it as Mahayudh, but it was not published. After four years, he rewrote it, enhancing the previous story, and as a result, he came up with the series Rankshetram.