The Book of death


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My father has probably untied me from the electric pole. now I am lying in a narrow and dark cell like a sick and physically depleted animal, My tongue lolling out. There lie a few loaves of Chapattis and a small bowl of pulses or perhaps curry in a corner. But I am not able to bite My morsel.ages have passed since I entered this state. Sometimes, a bright day dawns with the sun scowling for ages, and sometimes everything remains plunged into darkness alone to itself, The heart hangs from a washing line like a wrung out towel, waving and fluttering in the wind.the building sprawling across miles is fenced by the black and sinister-looking high walls overgrown with weeds. during the nights their roar gets distinctly louder, stirring the creepy and eerie feelings. The tall eucalyptus trees standing in rows peer ominously at the desolate area, and throughout the day the monkeys go on jumping onto the walls from trees and then up on the trees. The stray cats climb the dreary walls to let out whimpers.the forlorn building is surrounded by long corridors inhabited by the ghosts and witches resembling human beings. Sometimes, they let out piercing shrieks in unison.and sometimes they roar with laughter rending the air.quite frequently, the eerie and Lonely lanes echo with the sound of some unseen heavy footsteps.the place is also peopled by a few human beings deployed as guards for the security of the ghosts and the witches jarring sound of a burning kerosene stove deepens the weirdness of the silence. In the still of the night, some hyenas are heard Roaring with laughter somewhere in the distance. And perched on a hidden branch is an owl shooting ominously while adding uncanny mysteriousness to the looming silence. The Lonely road reverberates with such a terrifying roar of trucks that other sounds die down.(from the book of death).

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