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Demons are around! You just need to look carefully to discover them. Manu was successful; he had more than adequate of everything and a lifestyle that anyone would be desirous of. His personal life was gloomy; he had differences with his wife. One night, while driving back home, he found an infant boy at a Sepulcher. Out of affection, he brought him home. His wife decided never to return unless he give the child to an adoption center but he was adamant to look after the kid and he decided to take care of him, as if he was his real son. The child showed his first symptom of being mystic when he was seven years old and soon his father realized that he was not a normal child. The activities of the kid were mystic. Manu decided to investigate and what he found out made his senses choke. The child was a demonic king who came on the Earth for a cause. The father was scared and confused but the irony was the attachment he had for the kid. The decision was not easy! And after a lot of apprehension, he decided to be with his mystic child forever. What was the demonic king looking for? Why had the demon king disguised himself as an infant and what made him behave normal for seven long years? What connection did the poor father have with the demonic child? Read the story which is full of twists and turns. It will boil your thinking nerves and will make known to a different face of demons. Beware! Knowing too much about demons may attract them.

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