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Hold That Breath

A school reunion turns awry when five friends realize the urban legend revolving a headless boy in Dow Hill, Kurseong might be true. Bored homemaker, Saachi curious about the supernatural plays the elevator game to reach the other world. Wandering photographer, Barry Bandeira puts up at a fort hotel one night and unearths an ancient curse. Abhay Kumar, a horror fiction writer, looking forward to a wedding anniversary celebration with his lovely wife, confronts his nemesis. Jeevika tells a true ghost story while on a road trip in Delhi-Jaipur expressway with her rich spoilt boyfriend, Ojas. Raman Chabra, a film producer meets a talented struggler, Dhruv in a dilapidated cinema hall to hear his horror script. One of these stories connects the others. Fear will be unleashed from the master storyteller of ‘Stories Are Magical’ and ‘Once Again… With Love!’ Have a fun, simple, relaxing and a little spooky read! Enjoy.


Hold That Breath 2

Daksh Sehgal, a corporate employee on a business tour meets Agastya Roy, a writer in a train coupe while travelling from North East to Kolkata one night. They strike up a conversation and Agastya begins telling daksh six ghost stories…. May 2020. The covid-19 pandemic has spread around the world and Mumbai is the worst hit in India. Dr. Balagopal Reddy and his nurse, mancy Varghese meet a peculiar man, wridhesh surve during a night shift in a hospital. Izna Mehra gets arranged to udarsh Sachdev and moves to the outskirts of Gurgaon. It’s an old secluded house away from the hustle and bustle where izna discovers a fridge in one of the rooms and one little secret. Basant Agarwal shifts base from Pune to panchgani with his wife, anaisha. There is just another house nearby which is seemingly abandoned during the day but comes alive on one night every year. Rushil Chatterjee travels from Vancouver to Kolkata after over three decades for some work he can’t skip. His cousin, Laltu requests him to visit their ancestral home in serampore where his father, an old man on his deathbed has to confess something. Karma always pays back! Tandy and Sushant, two close friends wake up one morning and realize things are different around them in the remote town of Himalayan Pradesh. They meet the Transformer who tells them how they can go. Reverse – we all do! Know it. Hold that breath once again as one of the stories connects the others and fear is unleashed from the mind of the master storyteller of ‘hold that breath’, ‘the belvoirbrooke haunting’, ‘stories are magical’ and ‘once again… with love!’.


The Belvoirbrooke Haunting

1990. Darjeeling. Young married couple, Nihith and Jemisha comes to live in Belvoirbrooke Tea Estate, founded in 1865, amidst the snow-capped mountains, lush greenery and magnificent rolling countryside. Very soon they realize the place is haunted and Jemisha might be on the brink of either losing her sanity or giving in to the rules of the urban legend. Enter Chitin Barman, a paranormal investigator and clairvoyant psychic to their rescue. Is he? Can he? Some genres are best left without spilling the beans. Find out more about the spine-chilling haunting from the author of Amazon bestselling book ‘Hold That Breath’ and master storyteller of ‘Stories Are Magical’ and ‘Once Again… With Love!’… Have a sip of piping hot tea and welcome to ‘The Belvoirbrooke Haunting’ – A Ghost Story in Darjeeling. Brrr! Is it cold already?

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