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“Give your love a second chance” is heart-wrenching tale. Story revolves around two heartbroken persons named Ashish and Sukriti. Both had once experienced failure in love. Will two heartbroken; can make one never-ending love sage? Ashish was heartbroken due to his engagement was called off at end moment. Later on, right after that indecent, he bashed to another obstacle that turned his life upside down. After that, he joined his father business of constrictions, and in this field, he had zero experience. Sukriti was heartbroken due to her marriage failure, after divorced she returned to her place and started living with her dad. She had studied fashion designing and had good knowledge in that field. She gets involved in business of designers dresses, she owned one shop named aj’s boutique. Ashish’s Office was next to sukriti’s shop. In their story of togetherness, destiny had penned down something different, something worst. Major u-turn came in their life, when Sukriti routes for road trip to kedarnath along with her family. It was june-month; entire world witnesses the deadly flood that occurred in kedarnath. Unluckily on same day, Sukriti was at kedarnath temple. Second side, Ashish was worried, his life was paused until Sukriti presses play button. There was no news of Sukriti, Where’s she? What she’s doing? And many other questions revolved over his mind. After a long hunt, finally Ashish found her alive. However, she had been diagnosed with retrograde amnesia (Ra) – a form of amnesia where someone unable to recall events that occurred before the development of the amnesia. Will she ever recover her past memories?.

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Arpan R. Patel


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