Cultivation of Entrepreneurship


ABOUT THE BOOK “Cultivation of EntrepreneurshipÆ’?, a book that delves into the exciting and transformative world of entrepreneurship, guiding aspiring individuals to create, grow, and thrive in their own ventures. In these rapidly changing times, entrepreneurship has emerged as a potent force, reshaping industries, economies, and the lives of countless people worldwide.This book is a culmination of insights gathered from seasoned entrepreneurs, business leaders, and experts who have experienced the trials and triumphs of the entrepreneurial path. It is designed to be a compass, illuminating the path forward for those who dream of breaking free from the confines of traditional employment and forging their destinies as successful entrepreneurs. In the pages that follow, we will explore the foundational principles of entrepreneurship and how to harness creativity, innovation, and resilience to build businesses that make a lasting impact. From formulating a compelling vision to crafting a robust business plan, securing funding, and nurturing a strong company culture, every step of the entrepreneurial journey will be demystified and laid bare.Through the contribution of different authors this book aims to empower readers with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that arise in the world of entrepreneurship.

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ABOUT THE EDITOR Dr. Gaurav is currently working as Assistant Professor at IDOL, Chandigarh University. He is Ph.D., MBA, M.Com. and PGDCA. He has rich experience in academics for more than ten years in MBA, M.Com., BBA and B.Tech. He is also having a rich experience as Training and Placement Officer. He has published eight research papers in Scopus, J-Gate, ICI index, and UGC CARE Listed journal. He has presented twenty research papers at national and international conferences. He has attended thirty-five national and international FDPs, FTPs, Workshops, and symposiums. He has conducted, coordinated, and chaired several national-level FDP, FTP, Seminars, and Live Lectures. He has guided many projects, research papers, and dissertation work. He is well versed with softwares like SPSS, AMOS, R-Studio, and Stata. His research area is business research methods, data analysis, decision science, and human resources analysis.

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